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Hi, my name is Yolonda Carter,  and I’m the owner & operator of The Nurtured Nail, Nail Salon & Foot Spa.

Nail care is a career that I completely enjoy, and a service that I feel honored to offer. My services are based on a concept of care, relaxation, and a nurturing spirit. When you arrive at my suite, the focus is on YOU. Please come prepared to relax and enjoy yourself.

The Nurtured Nail administers services differently than your typical nail salon. I specialize in Natural Nail Care, Reflexology, & Aromatherapy. I render my services in a spa like environment that draws on my cumulative experience in many different salons and spas. I operate on a one on one basis, just myself and my client, so you can always feel completely at ease.

Services are primarily delivered in a zero gravity chair with heat and massage options that tend to lull my clients away in peaceful sleep. A warmed pillow cradles your neck and cooled eye pillow takes all the stress away and allows you to block out the world.  Your feet will soak in a warm bath containing Tea Tree Oil and aromatic salts. Many of the cuticle oils, soaks, and scrubs will be made with all natural and organic products. Sanitation is paramount at The Nurtured Nail. All materials used are disposed of after each client metal implements are sanitized and bagged for our client’s safety and protection.


All the services at “The Nurtured Nail” are performed in a Spa like Manner. Please come prepared to rest, relax, completely enjoy and invest time in yourself and your service. Oils, Soaks & Scrubs are available with All Natural and Organic Products.

Lavender, Eucalyptus, & Chamomile soaks, scrubs and Oils are used during service.Services are primarily performed in a Zero Gravity Chair with heating and massage features.  This places our clients in a complete state of rest and relaxation as soft Spa music or Jazz resonates in the background.


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The Nurtured Nail
Located inside Suite Serenity Salon #2
2148 Duluth Highway,
Suite 108
Studio 103
Duluth, GA 30097
Contact#: 678-879-3559

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